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Update: 2023-08-22 – Currently, we are not recruiting new graduate students. If things change (someone graduates, new funds are acquired) I will update this page and send recruitment notices through Ecolog-L, Texas A&M job board, etc.

If you are interested in apply for a postdoctoral fellowship or working in the lab as an undergraduate, feel free to get in touch to discuss possible options. Thank you! john.mola[at]

Interested in Graduate School in the Mola Lab?

(the message below is simply struckthrough so I don’t have to re-type it when it applies again, thank you for your interest)

Please fill out this form! Please use this form to submit your CV, statement of interest, and answer a few other questions about your interest in the lab and CSU.

Masters and PhD positions within the lab are fully funded (tuition coverage & a monthly stipend) through a combination of research and/or teaching assistantships. The minimum stipend amount for 2022 is $1792/month (CSU guidelines provided here), but the lab pays a higher rate. The exact rate depends on a student’s particular combination of GRA/GTA appointments, fellowships, etc, so a specific package will be discussed at the time of offer. Thank you!