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Join The Lab

Please get in touch if you’re interested in joining the lab! Soon, I will be posting formal announcements, but if you’re interested in graduate school, undergraduate work experience, writing a postdoc proposal, or anything else, please get in touch at john.mola[at]

Also check this page again for official postings. I’m also fairly active on twitter at @_JohnMola and will post any relevant positions there.

Interested in Graduate School in the Mola Lab?

Please fill out this form! Please use this form to submit your CV, statement of interest, and answer a few other questions about your interest in the lab and CSU.

Masters and PhD positions within the lab are fully funded (tuition coverage & a monthly stipend) through a combination of research and/or teaching assistantships. The minimum stipend amount for 2022 is $1792/month (CSU guidelines provided here), but the lab pays a higher rate. The exact rate depends on a student’s particular combination of GRA/GTA appointments, fellowships, etc, so a specific package will be discussed at the time of offer. Thank you!